Monday, November 2, 2015

A Critique on All Saints Day

In the Philippines, this is one of the season I anticipated because of Halloween. This is one day of the year I see people with their creativity shows in their costumes and this is already being done long before cosplaying.

Unlike the traditional Halloween which has nothing to do with Christianity's All Saints' Day, it is much more commercialized. There are stories that the real Hallow's eve is really creepy. After Halloween, there's one holiday event that is only associated for Filipino Christianity. All Saints' Day is one holiday that is celebrated by us Filipinos. I was wondering. Why is this nation's Christians the only one celebrating it.

Unlike the fellow Christians in Latin America, their Day of the Dead is much more festive. But why do we celebrate this? The answer is simple. We still worship our dead ancestors. We are still rooted to our original practices. It is not weird even among traditional Christians still honors the dead.

This is what sociologist calls Folk Catholicism. We mixed Christianity with the old practices. In Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. One of the characters, Leigh Teabing; said that "nothing in Christianity is original." There may be some truth behind the fiction there.

But to realistic, we can only reminisce. You don't have to wait till November 1 just to visit the dead. Besides, they are just empty shells. They don't live in those coffins anymore, they live in our memories. You can visit them anytime of the year. Why should you waste your time just to fall into long lines just to enter the cemetery on this dreaded event.

What I didn't like about this day is also that they made the streets into market places. Selling things that you really don't need inside the cemetery. This is just my point of view. You may react if you wish in the comment below. For more reflections, observations, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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