Sunday, November 22, 2015

Bus Ticket Artworks by Jasmine Cruz

It's not everyday that you see art from everyday things this is such a case for one particular art. My friend Jasmine Cruz from BusinessWorld invited me during the opening of an exhibit she shares with three artists iChill Cafe in Manila.
Jasmine Cruz(3rd from the left) with fellow exhibitors and the bus tickets art works in the background.

The theme of the exhibit is Encounters which suits the art that was showcased because the observer can see how he/she can relate. But what really caught my attention was Jasmine's works that is full of bus tickets.

Here in the Philippines, bus tickets comes from a small piece of paper with printed numbering and bus liner company logo and different amounts depending on the destination. Jasmine kept all her tickets when commuting to and from residence. From there, she did all four frames.

Not only she made four pieces of collected bus tickets, one piece consists of pink colored bus tickets and the other with only one bus liner with a crown logo. Jasmine told me it took her two years at least to gather these tickets.

I shared what I realized to Jasmine upon seeing the bus tickets that it may tell history one day especially since the bus fare is still visible. All four bus ticket art are already sold. I look forward for the next bus tickets art work.

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