Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Americans Responding To The #AlDub Phenomenon.

I am one of those who are clueless about the trending sensation #AlDub which is currently being aired on a noontime variety show Eat Bulaga. It took me time to be aware of this when I started hearing about "Pabebe" in conversations threads. I suddenly asked, What's pabebe?

I was then oriented about Alden Richards and Yaya Dub aka Maine Mendoza. The reason why I never heard of it because I never got the chance to watch TV and if I am at home, it is either my grandmother who watches on ABS-CBN or my niece watching her cartoons.

But I don't watch any noontime show because I have specific interests. I only got to see an episode when I was dining out in a food establishment that is tuned to the series. I also got to observe the viewers who are also dining with me that time.

Recently, #AlDub was given noticed online by Americans because they broke records in Twitter trends. No celebrity both local and international have achieved such trends that got the Americans asking What was that all about? Before I give my verdict, allow me to share my thoughts on what the Americans say about #AlDub via a Youtube video of Buzzfeed.

It got me laughing when one of them said that Aldub sounded like a gas or electric company and "never heard of "Eat Beluga" (as pronounced in the video) which they thought it has something to do with whales.

When they screened the episodes, a couple of women found Alden Richards cute and hot (Watch out Maine!). They also got to asked what's pabebe and I agree with one answer that it was trying to be cute or act cute. As they observed, pabebe can also be a type of flirting like what Aldub does in some episodes.

Doing this tandem in a TV show is nothing new to Americans. They were compared to Wheel Of Fortune's Pat Sajak and Vanna White but unlike them, Aldub has story substance. I also agree that the pabebe wave is compared to the Queen of England's wave or probably in beauty pageants.

My verdict: In a Q&A with Vic Sotto I attended before, he admits that it is a phenomenon. They didn't imagine that it will soar high. I was told that Alden was just guesting and he was Yaya Dub's crush. Then, he became a regular and the rest is history. What got me curious was that it appeals not just to the masses but also to some upper classes.I even know a retired Court of Appeals justice who watches it.

But whatever it is, Eat Bulaga made something original but like any fad, it will end some time. I have yet to see how many Americans will watch when "Eat Beluga" will come to U.S. or Netflix as one suggested. But it won't be the same. What I really like is that they revived old-school love notes. You can send messages directly via texting but they chose to write notes they always carry in hand. We'll see what's next in hand.

Again, this is just my point of view. If you don't agree with my observation, feel free to comment in this blog or in my Facebook page when posted.

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