Thursday, November 5, 2015

THIS IS OUR YOUTH: A review of a stage production

How do you describe our youth? The answer may vary on a specific person. The parents now may have their own answer as well as the children. The average age bracket may vary but it ranges from teen years to twenties. This bracket may vary.

For the story, it only focused on three people in the 80's. We have two friends who are college dropouts who happens to be junkies and trying to make something out selling stuff in New York. There's also one girl who may affect the two friends in a different way. You may think there's a love triangle but this is not even a love story.

For the three characters, you can say that they are young adults. They are at this age like you are no longer can relate with younger youths but not old enough to be associated with older adults. This usually happens when the problems of the young adults are different to any age group in between.

Why should you see this play? One, this may help you understand young adults better. Two, it is funny that is intended for at least twenty-something audience.  The 80's New York is no different from Metro Manila setting. New York also has neighborhoods similar to Tondo and Wall Street is like our Ayala Avenue.

Even though the actors are dominantly Filipino, they just fit in the roles since their characters' situation is universal. New York is dominantly an immigrant city. This production is iconic in manner of speaking because it casts popular film and TV actors on stage. It premiered 1996 in Off-Broadway starring Mark Ruffalo, Josh Hamilton, and Missy Yager.

What makes this production unique was that it was an immersing experience when they staged it in nontraditional manner like they are performing just in front of you and like you are really inside their flat or apartment unit.

The Red Turnip production stars Nicco Manalo, Jef Flores and Cindy Lopez and directed by Topher Fabregas. This Is Our Youth stages at A-Space Venue in Makati. For more theater productions and reviews, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook. Kenneth Logerman is the author of the play.

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