Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Museo Orlina Opens A New Wing To Exhibit

I got to see the Museo Orlina when it first opened in Tagaytay. Upon returning, I am glad that to see that there are regular visitors who also toured the museum. 

The "museo" is owned by sculptor Mr. Ramon Orlina whose works can be seen all over Ayala commercial establishments. If you passed by a life-size metal horse somewhere, that's an Orlina masterpiece.

For the new exhibit, Mr. Orlina introduced to us his new glass works using optimal glass which he had imported. Like his previous glass works, it shows his craft that it can be viewed at all angles and still looks beautiful.

Mr. Orlina explains what makes optimal glass special. When you place it to any background, it adapts to any background and makes it part of the sculpture. When you add apply good lighting mood, it becomes soothing in the eyes.

The optimal glass also has the same principle like a prism. No one ever tried this but if you use a flashlight or laser pointer, it will spread out at all angles. In addition of the new glass works, the new wing also has classic sculpture based on renaissance works like the iconic Pieta which shows the grieving Mother Mary holding the dead Jesus after removed from the cross.

Even though I've been here. The Museo Orlina still gives you new insights about the works displayed. I will posts more about the visit in my next posts. Museo Orlina is currently making changes in the museum structure as it will be soon be an artwork itself as it will display the Museo Orlina logo design made of glass with matching lights. For more updates about Museo Orlina, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.


  1. Paano po pumunta kung di kayo naka-private vehicle?

    1. There are two ways to go there via public transportation coming from Manila. If you are going via Coastal Road, ride any bus that goes straight to Tagaytay. Get off at Olivarez College then ride a jeep that's going to People's Park. Ask the driver if he can drop you off at the corner of Tourism Road and the road where a public market going to Sta Rosa exit. From that corner there is a hotel establishment with a street that's going downhill where you can just walk towards the Museo Orlina.