Thursday, December 17, 2015

2nd SM Bowling Millionaire's Cup

Bowling is one sport my family is interested in. Mom started to build up the interest. Whenever she has tournaments in the company and the alumni, she always bring us there and have our own tournament and Mom always won.
Hadji Baracal on the lane

It is good thing that the malls got it all in one place including an in-house bowling lane. SM Malls is not left behind. Years ago, I tried playing bowling at SM in a different way. I was invited to bowl in a crazy way like throw the ball between your legs. SM Bowling Lanes calls it Funky Bowling.
Mr Ed Tejerero(Far left),, Dianne Galendez(2nd from left).

For the first time, I was invited to attend the last leg of 2nd SM Bowling Millionaire's Cup Tournament held at SM Clark last December 16. Not only it is my first time to visit the mall there but it is also the first time I saw a fully operational bowling lane in the activity area even though it is just two lanes.
Hadji Baracal, Classified Masters champion

Prior to this date, there are other competitors in different categories took place in different SM Bowling Lanes all over the country but it all ends in SM Clark. Two categories are taking place to compete in this last leg: The Classified Masters and the Opens Masters.
Dianne Galendez, Open Masters champion

Hadji Baracal won the Classified Masters division and Davao's 20y/o Dianne Galendez  defends her title  and won the Open Masters division. Noel Abad and Glenn Geluz are runner-ups in respective categories. It was a tough tournament but it was well played.

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