Friday, January 2, 2015

Make Your Regular TV Smarter with CipherTV

On the first day of 2015, I was told one of my mother's former colleagues is visiting from Canada but I was still catching up with sleep but I was forced to wake up not knowing what interests may spark me and that I will have an instant event though I just woke up.

Smart TV's are one of the most marketable products in appliance centers. Most who bought it are not able to maximize its use because they don't have a good internet connection. To most people, it is too expensive.

I was introduced to my mom's colleague's son whom I last saw as a kid but never got to talk to because we are in a different age group. He showed me a tech device that will revolutionize the how we see our television.

CipherTV is a Canadian product from where our family friend is based and currently in the Philippines for a few days. The CipherTV Bar is as small as a pencil case and simple that you can just plug it in your TV so easy either using a regular jock or HDMI cable depending on your unit.

For my case, we just used a regular jock cable which I helped connect. From there, he demonstrated it by showing the menu of the IPTV device which also the same device that makes Smart TV brands work and operates on Android OS.

Once it was hooked up, my regular TV is now functioning like a computer. It can now do Powerpoint presentations and makes the CipherTV's remote control an instant pointer. Each CipherTV Bar is also a built-in Karaoke machine with lots of songs in its database. Unlike a regular Karaoke, you need to look up the song in from the song sheet and type the song code. With CipherTV, you can just search the name of the artist and the list of songs will appear.

For those who are into gaming, it also has a database of retro video games installed. If you are into mobile gaming apps, you can download it via App Store. Imagine Skype conferencing using your TV. CipherTV Bar has a built-in camera and microphone. You can also update your social networks here. There's a lot potential using this device. Makes me wish I have the money to buy one now.

The product will be launched in a couple of months but why wait. You can have one now. E-mail me at to have a product demonstration. I can have a demonstration arrange at my place for the availability of the internet connection.

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