Friday, January 30, 2015

UFC Fight Night Manila Presscon exclusive blog coverage

In the ancient of days, the arena is the place for entertainment during the Greco-Roman era. This is where the gladiators fight to the death. In the modern The Arena in SM Mall Of Asia, I was able to watch my first boxing match at the ringside seats. I usually watch boxing matches on TV.
Mr. Edgar Tejerero of SMLI(middle) and Mr. Kenneth Berger of UFC Asia(Right) with Boom Gonzales hosting(left)

Like my first live boxing event experience, The Arena is now holding another of its first: They are bringing UFC in Manila. The Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC for short, is the respected MMA or mix-martial arts organization globally. It is shown all over the television in different regions. I also watch it here on cable TV viewing.

What makes mix-martial arts appealing to me because of playing arcade games like Street Fighter and Tekken. These games shows different martial arts discipline that and competes with each one. Popular culture in movies is also one example. Just like the arcade games I play, UFC has its roots in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in the 1990's when the Gracie Family of Brazil to defeat different martial arts masters in Karate, kick boxing, and even Kung Fu.

UFC hold 40 main fight events yearly and it is fortunate that one of the events will be here in Manila and will be the only UFC event in Asia for this year. UFC General Manager for Asia Mr. Kenneth Berger was here during the presscon last January 30 at the lobby of The Arena and signed a trademark UFC glove with Mr. Edgar Tejerero of SMLI as an agreement that this is going to happen and history is about to happen.

It is not yet clear what are the UFC fight cards yet and the prices for admission is also not yet disclosed but it will be open for purchase by March. UFC Fight Night Manila will be on May 16, 2015 and where else but in The Arena. Follow the L.E.N.S blogs for more updates and availability of tickets sales of the UFC Fight Night Manila.

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