Wednesday, December 31, 2014


This January, Stephen Hawking – renowned theoretical physicist and one of the world’s most brilliant minds – invites you on an intimate and revealing journey through his life. Told for the first time in Stephen’s own words, A BRIEF HISTORY OF MINE is the powerful story of Stephen’s battle with his debilitating disease, his rise to fame, and its devastating effects on his family life. The two-hour special premieres January 4 at 8:00 p.m.; encores Monday, January 5 at midnight.
Photo courtesy of Discovery
Stephen Hawking was born in 1942. Shortly after his 21st birthday while he was pursuing his PhD at Cambridge University, Stephen was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as motor neuron disease or ALS. He was given two to three years to live but he has somehow defied the odds. For more than 50 years now, he has been travelling the world studying and lecturing about time and space, and the laws that govern the universe. Stephen reveals how keeping an active mind has been vital to his survival, as has been maintaining a sense of humour. We also hear from those who know and work with him – his family, friends, peers, and also Hollywood actor Jim Carrey whom Stephen did a skit with.

Now 72 years old, Stephen still goes to work every day at Cambridge University. He has twelve honorary degrees, and is the author of numerous publications and books. He is the recipient of many awards, medals and prizes, is a Fellow of The Royal Society and a Member of the US National Academy of Sciences. 

While he is wheelchair-bound and dependent on a computerised voice system for communication, Stephen is still very much involved in his research and family life. The grandfather of three continues to travel extensively for lectures, and hopes to make it into space one day.

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