Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sangobion Leads Bloodletting Drive

Last year, I was able to see the one of Sangobion's campaign using a theatrical monologue to promote awareness. This time, it was done more differently. A massive bloodletting drive in collaboration with Red Cross.

It seem fitting that Sangobion spearheads this campaign since it is a supplement for low blood. Also, after another storm struck the Visayan region again, Red Cross surely need to replenish their supply. I have been donating blood before and I find it very healthy. If you chose to blood-let, it will be replenish with new blood.

It will only take few minutes for the process. First, you will be screened for medical purposes only. There are some things to consider before blood-letting. You should not be drinking, smoking, or having piercings and tattoos, not under medications and more to mention medical conditions.

But be assured that this screening process will be confidential. After being given approval for blood-letting, it's standard procedure to classify your blood type even if you know what. Then the next step is the actual blood-letting. The duration will depend on house fast your blood will be transfused in a 450cc bag which is the same size as your disposable juice pack. But you need to be lie down for the whole duration.

After the bag has been filled, you are not yet allowed to get up to avoid collapsing. After few minutes, you can sit up and drink a fruit juice. It is a standard procedure so you can have your strength back. Then you will be issued with a blood bank booklet in case you need to avail of the blood in times of emergency. Truly blood is a source of life and what more fitting to give a gift of life by donating your blood.

The campaign was held at SM City Fairview last December 5. For more advocacy and campaigns, follow this blog or like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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