Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas On Display (COD) 2012

Every Christmas season since my childhood days, I never miss an opportunity watching a lights and sound display of COD. After many years, I got to watch it again at Greenhills Shopping Center this year. This , the theme was Space Age.
Ceremonial light up

It was also my second time to cover the launch of COD this year. I am privilege to see part of my childhood once again. Besides the lights and sounds display, Greenhills Shopping Center gives presents to the less fortunate kids of White Cross. White Cross is an orphanage of kids that was abandoned as early as infancy.
Gifts for the children

What's new during the launch was that the Justice League-Ph and The Black Pearl Phils. and other independent cosplayers was able to give holiday cheers to the kids in their superhero and pirate costumes.
Distribution of gifts

Every half hour, the lights and sounds show starts and runs for about 10 minutes from 6PM onwards till 10PM. Besides the display, there's also holiday stalls at the park area facing the display. The display and the stalls is only until January 6, 2013.
Justice League-PH.

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