Sunday, November 11, 2012

Beware of Kid Water Vendors at C5 and Kalayaan Ave.

A friend and contact from a PR agency told me yesterday when we were waiting for her at our designated meeting place that they were held up by kids at the C5-Kalayaan intersection. She told me that they got thirsty and opened the window to buy a bottled water from a kid who sells it while on a traffic. Unknown to the driver that the water vendor has accomplice/s nearby with home made projectile weapons that shoots sharpened barbecue sticks that is pointed to them. Since they are just a company vehicle, they don't have money to give them and my friend almost had a panic attack but they were able to make compromise with a small amount.

I am appealing that not only these kids are threat to the society but since they are minors, they are also a threat to themselves as well. What if the victims are able to defend themselves. The rules in self-defense is simple.It's either "kill or be killed". The kids might be end up casualties themselves of their own doing.

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