Sunday, November 25, 2012

500 Shaw Zentrum and Events Pavilion

The malls are part of every people's lives. It is one establishment that provides almost everything in one stop. The only problem is you have to venture through the traffic and the crowd just to maximize your time in a mall establishment. 

In Mandaluyong, there is an alternative place for you to go no further if you only need to do minimal things. Located along Shaw Blvd., 500 Shaw Zentrum is like one mall establishment that can cut you halfway without going through the traffic of the highways. It is just located not far from a residential area which makes it more convenient to go to. It opened last November 23, 2012.

What makes 500 Shaw Zentrum unique is that the place is child-friendly. It has a driveway in the upper levels that has entrance directly to the tutorial centers in the upper level. You can just simply drop off your child and a guard will make sure that your child goes safely a tutorial center. Besides that it is a child-friendly environment, 500 Shaw Events Pavilion is an ideal events venue for all occassions.
Events Pavilion

500 Shaw Zentrum is not as big as a mall but it also caters to its immediate market. Not only that it has tutorial schools but it also has a call center in one of the levels. 500 Shaw Zentrum is very selective to who gets to occupy a commercial space. They only select  tenants that conforms with their child-friendly policy. They don't accept fast food chains because they prefer food establishments with healthier standards. 500 Shaw Zentrum is located on the West route of Shaw boulevard on the left side if you are coming from EDSA.

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