Monday, November 12, 2012

Beat It: Dance For Cervical Cancer Vaccines

Last year, I was invited to cover an event of the Phil. Obstestrical and Gynecological Society for their campaign to give vaccines to people with cervical cancer. The plan was to make a world record of doctors dancing non-stop almost 8 minutes.
Participating doctors

The doctors had fun doing it that a year later, 1500 doctors are doing it again. I got to make it again at the Phil. International Convention Center in Malate, Manila where the event was held to witness it again.

Before the actual dance, the event was opened by a performance of Pinoy All-Stars and Anne Curtis who sang Call Me Maybe with a band. Maneuvers' Jordan joined once again to teach new dance moves along with the Pinoy All-Stars. They dance nonstop with three songs including MC Hammer's Too Legit To Quit and Michael Jackson's Beat It which is suitable for their campaign to fight cervical cancer.
They are not just doctors. They're the dancin' doctors.

After the dance, they were serenaded by Richard "Sir Chief" Yap and the organizers give recognition due to the participants represented.
My camera is not wide enough to see how much doctors are dancing.

Now, why would a male blogger write about this campaign against cervical cancer. Because, I have women I care about. My mother, my sisters, and now, I have a 4-year old niece. It also affects us men because of the people we care about.

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