Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rubbabu: Eco-Friendly, Child-Safe Ideal Toy

There was news one time that recalled some toy products that proved to be dangerous to children.It's not because that it was made in China since I admit that I myself  enjoy the toys that are mostly manufactured there like action figures. But it was sometimes the use of lead in toys that makes it hazardous. Most parents or regular adults ignore what is in a toy or even the package that labels what age can a child use the toy. But there are still serious parents who are conscious about toys for the children's welfare.

India-based Rubbabu is unlike any toy manufacturer I've seen. They advocate children's safety. Their toys are mostly made of pure rubber as the name suggests. It is 100% pure rubber with smooth velvet surface. Rubber is safe for the kids and it is not hypoallergenic and as safe as it can be. It cannot be broken, it can be thrown, it is very soft, and it has no sharp edges and no small parts for a child may choked on. It is so safe that kids can even bite it and it is environment-friendly. Rubbabu assures that their products didn't destroy any trees because they also advocate environment consciousness. Everything about Rubbabu is like an advocacy. Their vision is ecological and child friendly. These toys are all handmade.

The type of toys that Rubbabu manufactures are for the majority of children and it is that wholesome as it can get. They are also educational. It stimulates the child's recognition of colors and shapes. The toys are mostly in forms of vehicles, animals, and balls. There are also educational toys and games that can stimulate the child's creativity and other skills as well.

Rubbabu toy products will be commercially available in the Philippines by March this year at Rustan's toy department and Kids Station outlets. Rubbabu is locally distributed by SanGiovani Phils. Ind. Corp.

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  1. I've got the red racecar for my babyson (1 year old) and he loves it! Was pretty expensive (19,95 euro's) but worth it! I only buy natural toys for him like grimm's, ostheimer etc. so it fits in well. Greetings from the Netherlands!