Monday, February 21, 2011

18th Travel Tour Expo

It is my first time to go in to a travel expo and I just found out that it was already running on its 18th year. I decided to experience this for the first time since I already blog my travels. I was overwhelmed by what I saw at the expo. There were many booths that as colorful and scenic that many visitors are always having their picture taken with these booths.
Thailand booth

But these booths are not just display. They also provide what you came for. Travel. There are booths of travel agencies, airlines, hotels, resorts, recreation centers, embassies, major tourist attractions whether local or foreign, etc. Everything you need for travel, it's all there in just one place. Besides these, there were also food booths, booths selling travel bags, and newspaper publications, the media partners for the event.
Guam booth

I also discover that the busiest booths were the airlines and travel agencies. People flocked these booths because of the promo rates and promo packages that are cheaper than their regular rates. Since mobile communication and technology is now an advantage, their booths can also be set up as the extension of their offices and they can now accept bookings at the expo directly.

Not only that the booths were attractively presentable, the booths also have gimmicks to draw the attention of the crowd. Guam booth has scheduled dance performances. Japan Embassy invited cosplayers and a Doraemon mascot. Kenya has the safari theme good for photo ops. There are also some booths equipped with photobooths that directly prints their shots instantly. There are also gimmicks that took place in the activity area and more.
Hawaii booth

What's great about this expo is the variety of choices to travel. This expo shows you just a tip of the iceberg. The next step would be where to go because there's a whole world to discover.
Taj Majal at the India booth

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