Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Ibong Adarna" soars to new heights as the Philippines' first interactive e-book

Experience anew and share with our children the Filipino classicIbong Adarna, released as the country’s first interactive e-book. Relive the enchanting adventure of the brothers Don Juan, Don Pedro and Don Diego as they search for the mystical bird whose song alone can heal their ailing father Haring Fernando.

Crafted using cutting-edge technology, this historical e-book produced by Vibal Foundation’s Vee Press boasts a “read-to-me” feature that makes it play like an audiobook, and full-color illustrations and animations especially created with Filipino motifs.

The book is also an auspicious start for Vibal Foundation’s bigger project of publishing a line of children’s books for all ages in print and digital media.

Vee Press books are available in multiple electronic formats and can be read on popular e-reading devices like the Amazon Kindle, Sony E-Reader, Nook, BlackBerry, iPhones, Macs, PCs and all tablet computers including the Apple iPad.

Vee Press’ interactive Filipino edition of 
Ibong Adarna, which will be available on January 25, 2011 at Apple iBookstore, is a veritable cultural treat for children four to eight years old and for all lovers of Philippine art and literature.

Watch the sneak preview of 'Ibong Adarna' on YouTube: Ibong Adarna Book Trailer

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