Saturday, February 26, 2011

Open A BPI Family Auto Loan and Get A Free GPS Navigator

AVT GPS Navigator
Because of the positive response from applicants, the promo is extended until April 16. Please note the dates below:

Application Period: February 14 to April 15, 2011
Unit Delivery: February 14 to May 2, 2011

BPI Family Bank is giving away free a handy AVT Global Positioning System (GPS) Navigator for every successfully approved auto loan. All you have to do is to register online for an auto loan at BPI Loans . It's better that going through the trouble from a car showroom to another looking for your ideal car and the salesperson may take a while to arrange your car loan and there's no guarantee that it will be approve. Unlike in BPI, you can browse the pictures of your prospect car online at BPI Loans and it will took only the 3-8 hours for your loan to be approved.
Map on the GPS Navigator

There was a documented story about a BPI loan that a couple was looking from for a car from one showroom to another, hoping that one of them will give them assurance for a car loan to be arrange. That night, the wife was browsing on line and got to see BPI Auto Loans and applied for the car loan. The following day, there was a call from BPI and the husband, who was unaware of the transaction made by this wife, received the call that their auto loan was already approved. This is how fast BPI works.

The BPI Auto Loans website has its very own online car showroom that let's you choose which car from various car manufacturers from Audi to Volvo. This will give spare you the hassle from transferring from one showroom to another on foot. What's convenient about this website is that if your OFW relative abroad needs to invest a car loan, he/she will just browse the website and let the next of kin who also handles the decision-making locally will coordinate upon the approval of the auto-loan. The website can also help you compare car models. Another option for the auto loan is the Motorcycle Loan.
Mr. Jose Teodoro Limcaoco, president of BPI Family Savings Bank, discusses that you don't need to have an active BPI loan to be approved of the auto loan but stresses that borrowers should have a minimum amount finance of P700.000 for minimum term of 36 months. Promo of the free GPS Navigator is only until March 15, 2011. BPI Loans also handles house loans too. For inquiries about the BPI Family Auto Loans, call their hotline at (02) 845-6777 or visit or any of the 800 BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank branches near you.

Mr. Jose Teodoro Limcaoco discusses the BPI Auto Loan promo

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