Monday, December 21, 2009

I witnessed I live highway police chase

I was walking home around 12MN when an approaching vehicle was speeding along Quirino that almost went over the sidewalk near Leveriza where I was walking. I thought that driver was crazy to drive that fast but noticed right away that there were two patrol cars on alert that made me think that it was chasing the speeding vehicle. When the pursuit reach Taft on a stoplight, I heard gunshots. I stayed clear first before crossing the said intersection. Upon reaching it, I asked the Andoks vendor in that corner where the gunshots took place. He told me that the police gave warning shots on that speeding vehicle then fired on one of the tires and unloaded an attractive well-dressed woman who seems to be in shock then the vehicle sped off again while the police chased after. The woman was no longer there when I arrived.

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