Friday, December 4, 2009

25 Sexiest Women In Sci-Fi

25. Jennifer Love Hewitt(Ghost Whisperer)
I know she's sexy but when is Ghost Whisperer Sci-Fi?
24.Kari Wuhrer(Sliders)
Plays a tough as nails soldier.What a woman!
23.Gillian Anderson(X-Files)
There's always sexiness about a woman in office attire.
22.Hayden Panettiere(Heroes)
She's a cheerleader,need I say more?
21.Katherine Heigl(Roswell)
She's always sexy back in the movie,My Father The Hero.
20.Eliza Dushku(Buffy,Dollhouse)
Dark and sexy.What a combo!
19.Charisma Carpenter(Buffy, Angel)
Her name's says it all!
18.Lindsay Wagner(Bionic Woman)
Old school babe!
17.Erin Gray(Buck Rogers)
Pilot with sexy spandex uniform.Enough said.
16.Kristin Kreuk(Smallville)
That face and body.Super!
15.Grace Park(Battlestar Galactica)
There's always sexy about women in uniform. Especially when she had a love scene. Sci-fi won't be the same.
14.Yvonne Strahovski(Chuck)
Her character/role fulfills every geek's fantasy.
13.Erica Durance(Smallville)
The sexiest Lois Lane probably beating Teri Hatcher.
12.Lucy Lawless(Battlestar Galactica)
Cylone females are sexy.
11.Julie Newmar/Eartha Kitt(Catwoman in the old Batman series)
10.Katee Sackoff(Battlestar Galactica)
Like Grace Park, she also has her share.
9.Sarah Michelle Gellar(Buffy)
She's Buffy.Period.
8.Teri Hatcher(Lois and Clark)
The first sexy Lois Lane. I did not say she's not sexy.At least she's no Kidder!
7.Nichelle Nichols(Star Trek)
Sexy classic uniform for women.
6.Jessica Alba(Dark Angel)
Black,leather, on a bike.That's sexy.
5.Ali Larter(Heroes)
I can never forget her at Varsity Blues.
4.Evangeline Lily(Lost)
Who wouldn't want to go castaway with her?
3.Tricia Helfer(Battlestar Galactica)
The ultimate female Cylon. Why stay good when evil can be very sexy?
2.Jeri Ryan(Star Trek:Voyager)
She made Star Trek very sexy for the next generation.
1.Linda Carter(Wonder Woman)
The ultimate SciFi superbabe. She's Wonder Woman. No questions ask.
-TV Guide

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