Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Book Review:When Religion Becomes Evil by Charles Kimball

I was recommended to read this by my best friend at church after watching Religulous. Charles Kimball is a Baptist especializing in Islamic studies. Sometimes, most religious practitioners don't know their religion well.Kimball suggest that a religion may be corrupt if they fit the five warnings he suggested. The five warnings are: ABSOLUTE TRUTH CLAIMS, BLIND OBEDIENCE,ESTABLISHING THE "IDEAL" TIME, THE END JUSTIFIES ANY MEANS, DECLARING HOLY WAR. Kimball, though a Baptist didn't just point out other religions or denominations as examples but to be fair, he didn't spare his Baptist as example. I admit there are times our churches may be guilty about this. It was also written in inclusive language so that feminists or any gender sensitive people may appreciate it. After all, religion is, somehow, a human invention.


  1. its absolutism versus relativism. while absolutism looks at issues in black and white, relativism introduces the concept of the gray middle space.

    most contemporary religions promote an 'absolutism' mind-set which alienates non-believers and causes friction with other religious/political institutions.

    personally i think the reason why these religion cling to a "black/white" mind set is that they are afraid their belief/moral system would collapse when "gray areas" are introduced.

  2. Thanks Allan. I appreciate your comment.