Saturday, December 19, 2009

Garbage collectors and the Xmas spirit

I have nothing against the garbage collectors begging during the season.They are doing the society a favor so I make sure I will give something to them. But today was different. I already gave them something the other day so when I was about to leave the house, another garbage collector came and I told him I gave them the previous day. He said he is from another group. I don't have change now but you can come back tomorrow for sure. He still insists and said any amount will do. That's were I am really pissed. "What Tagalog I said you don't understand?" I got my piggy bank and opened it in front of him and gave him the change that he don't deserve. He said "Pasensya na po." I told him I wish I could accept your apology if was only sincere and ask how many more of your group will come and when? When he can't answer my question, I locked up my house securely just to be sure he's no mole of some group and left because I was so pissed.

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