Friday, November 21, 2014

Wattpad Presents...Four more stories starting Nov. 24

During the last launch, I realized how much trend from writing online makes it possible for getting your work published in print. This is why TV5 once again releases four more stories at Wattpad Presents.

This batch of stories opens on November 24 with Mr.Popular Meets Ms. Nobody Book 2 which continues the story of "Kamahalan" Kyle.. Original work by Pinky Jhewlii that has 15.6M reads on Wattpad. Featured in this episode are Mark Neumann and Shaira Mae Dela Cruz, Diego Loyzaga and Yassi Pressman, who is also part of another Wattpad story adapted into movie, "She's Dating A Gangster".
Game Of Love author Aine_Tan

Opening December on it's first Monday, Wattpad Presents "His Secretary" by Elise Mae that has 10M reads on Wattpad featuring Bianca King and John James Uy followed by Just For A While by Orange Leaf(almost 1.5M reads) featuring Eula Caballero and Martin Escudero who is also an HRM student and applies his culinary skills for his role in the story as Chef Luke.

To end the year year 2014, Wattpad Presents "Game Of Love" as the last of this batch of story which features Kean Cipriano Chanel Marquez, Nicole Estrada and Phytos Ramirez which airs Dec, 15. I got to meet it's author Aine_Tan who was the only Wattpad author present during the presscon. In a short interview, she told me that the story was already three years old now and she was glad that it is now adapted for television. She was present during the shoot and she believes that it is not far from her original work. Although the cast was not her ideal choice in mind but she was convinced that the actors embodied the characters she created.

According to a Nielsen research, 31% of increased of viewers are teenagers who watches Wattpad Presents basing on social network trends. The next batch of Wattpad stories will be released in 2015. For more Wattpad adaptation and TV5 shows updates, follow this blog or like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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