Friday, November 14, 2014

The Galleon Launch and Groundbreaking Ceremony

SM Lifestyle and Entertainment is offering more than just a mall experience. After the Exploreum, another educational and entertaining facility is going to make a huge waves in the future. The Galleon is a museum which add more options for educational field trips.

The Galleon will soon rise at a former parking lot near IMAX theater at Mall Of Asia. It will also has the same specs(65x65m) like a real galleon during the old trade route( Manila-Acapulco). During the launch, We were also honored by the company of Sen. Edgardo Angara. He regaled us with the stories of history from his native town of Baler. 

According to the senator, Baler was the last stronghold of the Spaniards before they realized that the Spain has turned the Philippines over to the Americans. Another fact the senator mentioned that because of the Galleon, some Filipinos were already OFWs transported to Mexico.

According to the curator, Cavite is known for shipbuilders during that time. The Manila Galleon was responsible for transporting the Lady of Antipolo which is originally from Mexico which is why we have pilgrimages from Mexico. The Galleon was able to bring 33 countries across the three continents more closer. The Galleon was a medium of commerce, trade, banking, diplomacy,etc. Just like my favorite sci-fi series, the Galleon was already doing "Trek" in fairer seas.

The Galleon museum will bring people to be interested in history. It will also proved something that we don't know yet. There are most historical facts that our high school or elementary textbooks haven't written yet. The Galleon will search new findings that time forgot.
The Andalucia. A Spanish Galleon ship.

Who knows what new historical discoveries The Galleon will uncover. Probably, it may require rewriting our textbook curriculum. For more updates on The Galleon, follow this blog or like the L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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