Saturday, September 13, 2014

You Can Now Open An Insurance Policy Via AXA iOn

Insurance marketing just got upgraded when AXA Insurance launches the country's first insurance online platform, the AXA iOn. You can now open insurance by just opening the site . The site is internet user friendly that it won't be difficult to browse.

To start, just open the site by clicking the link I highlighted. Once the site is loaded to your browser, click Getting Started. You will answer some questions about yourself that is relevant when opening an insurance policy.

After filling up the questions, click Submit. You will be given info about the Savings Fund that is depending to your personal info that you just answered. From there, click Proceed. After clicking proceed, there are 4 colored boxes that represents 4 insurance policies. Just ask yourself which is your priority among these.Each policy represents your needs. The following are Savings Exential, Academic Exential, Life Exential and Health Exential.

Suppose we click Savings Exential. It will describe the policy chosen. Then click Get A Quote. You will again fill up another set of questions about yourself like your birth date and how much you like to save every month. After filling it up, click Compute then you will be given an idea how much are you paying every month for five years and how much are you going to receive.
Sample quotation for demonstration purpose.

The app in this site is user friendly. You won't find it difficult as long as you are net savvy. If you have questions, you can have the site look for an agent within your area to answer your queries upon your available time.

The only requirement in using this site besides paying monthly is that you need to be at least 18 years old and have a credit card since it is an online platform. But you can talk to an agent about other means to pay when you inquire.about it.

Insurance is not just a luxury. It is also considered a need. If you ask me, Besides, depositing in the bank, you get bigger benefits.

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