Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ballet Philippines presents Giselle and Blue Moon Series

After the Sapphire Season opener La Revolucion Filipina, Ballet Philippines presents its biggest event, Giselle. If you are familiar with ballet, you know that Giselle is a big thing. It seems fitting for BP to present Giselle again as part of their celebration after 45 years in the business. For limited time only, Giselle will be staged from September 19 to 21 at CCP.
Excerpt from Giselle

This year's production of Giselle is also their homecoming gala because they will be joined by different schools taught by former BP dancers. For the opening night, they will also be joined by Soloist Stella Abrera of the American Ballet Theater and she will be performing as Giselle for one night only. Nonoy Froilan will choreograph for this production.
Standing(L-R)Katherine Trofeo, Nonoy Froilan, Denise Parungao, Gina Katigbak-Garcia
Seated: Margie Moran, Stella Abrera, Paul Alexander Morales

For the rest of the nights,Principal Dancer Katherine Trofeo will reprise her role. She was Giselle in last year's production. In another night, Denise Parungao will also perform as Giselle. Besides Stella, ABT Pricinpal Dancer James Whiteside will also perform. BP's Principal Dancers Earl John Arisola and Jean Marc Cordero will also perform.

These performances are not just for show. It is also an advocacy program. Stella has her campaign to raise funds to help the students affected by typhoon Yolanda. Her program, Steps Forward for the Phils., aims to provide classrooms destroyed by the typhoon with chalk boards, computers, etc. so they can rebuild their lives starting with their classes.

Stella left the Philippines at age four. For her advocacy, she said it's for giving back to her ethnic roots. You are probably asking, why should a Filipino see this ballet performance? I admit not all of the Pinoy masses are into ballet especially with a classical piece like Giselle. It is base on a French poem and if you have a background of the story, it has the elements similar to our tele-novelas. It has romance, betrayal, revenge and forgiveness. "There is a Giselle in all of us", says Stella. "You bring yourself into the role"

For first time Giselle, Denise described it like being a kid in Toy Kingdom. It was her dream part and now, she feel blessed to be selected to be Giselle. When she enters the rehearsal, she shares; "I am Giselle."

Part of the Sapphire Season line up is the Blue Moon Series. Just like the Blue Moon, it is just once in the lifetime that BP is celebrating its 45 years. The Blue Moon Series will present choreography from Alice Reyes, Agnes Locsin and more.

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