Friday, November 29, 2013

Colours Glamfest from Cignal TV

Part of my viewing experience is the annual events that are the annual events like the movie awards. Nowadays, most of these are no longer available on free TV. Cignal TV offers this chance to makes your TV viewing a glamorous experience.

Colours is one of the resident channels that is mainly focus on lifestyle. It's like a magazine on TV. It will also features direct telecast from U.S. most anticipated television events. We just had the chance of finding out who are the winners of the recent American Music Awards. Colours is channel 27 on SD and channel 101 on HD.

But even though this is a lifestyle channel, guys can enjoy upcoming TV events. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is not just for the girls who have fashion taste, but also for the guys who love to see women in lingerie. Victoria Secret will be on December 19.

If you missed the American Music Awards, there's more to come. The Annual Grammy Awards will be on January 27. For the movie buffs and couch potatos like me, there's the Screen Actors' Guild Awards and the Golden Globe Awards. Screen Actors' Guild Awards will be on January 19 and the Golden Globe will be on January 13

Cignal TV is a satellite TV provider that is available in post-paid or prepaid. It transmits 91 channels including regular TV channels and 10 pay-per-view channels. Colours also shows Styled To Rock and Keasha's Perfect Dress and more.

If you haven't got an idea how a satellite TV is set up at your home, you will be installed a digibox for the TV and a different remote for that box to change channels. The designated installer from Cignal TV will first survey the structure of your residence for the positioning of the satellite dish. This service will work on any kind of TV.

Start calling Cignal TV for installation. If you are already a subscriber, watch out for more promos.

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