Thursday, December 8, 2011


The thematic rooms/suites are the reason why Victoria Court attracts more guests. Whether it’s for parties or couples, it sparks the interest to make it more memorable and romantic.

According to Ms. Darlyn Halili, Victoria Court’s Business strategist, the thematic rooms are built to give a fantasy theme for couples or the best party venue experience for the groups. Arch. Omar Palero is the mastermind behind the interior design of these thematic rooms. Arch. Palero designs the rooms based on the theme and research. I was able to ask him about the Star Trek theme. He says that the Star Trek theme is a generic Federation Starship bridge set. He said he had to watch Star Trek series to build a concept.
Princess Jasmine Room

The first room I got to see first was The Princess Jasmine Spa Room. The Jasmine Room is named for the Jasmine incense for the room and it has nothing to do with Aladdin but it has a feel of Arabian Nights and it has a mock magic carpet that you can seat on. It has a Jacuzzi, a massage area and a steam bath area. Ideal for a spa party. It can accommodate 15 to 25 people. The Princess Jasmine room costs PhP 12,000.00 for 5 hours.
Whirlpool of the Jasmine room

The next room is one fantasy I want to be in. I told the Victoria’s Court people that I am a Trekkie, a term for Star Trek fan, and a member of a local Star Trek club. This really got my geekiness out. It turns out that Arch. Palero was also in my group mailing list. We were exchanging ideas about the Star Trek theme. What you can see is only a generic bridge set that looks like from the Next Generation timeline. It has the captain’s chair, the bridge controls in front and at the two rear corners and a view screen on the wall which was only projected from the front console. This room makes me feel like I am on a TV studio set or the Star Trek experience at Las Vegas. The captain’s quarter is the bedroom, where Kirk can “’bag’ all the women”. The Enterprise Room can accommodate 15 to 25 people and costs PhP8,000.00 for 5 hours.
The Enterprise Room

The last room I will feature for now is the Oval Room. Patterned after the most powerful office in the world, it gives you that feel like you are touring the White House. The Oval Office can accommodate 15 to 30 people and costs only PhP12,000.00 for 5 hours.
The Oval Office Room

The amenities of these rooms includes air condition, Cable LCD TV, Private whirlpool, Hot and cold shower, Entertainment system, Ipod dock, Free Wi-Fi connection, Buffet set-up, Provision for one private car park but additional parking slots can be arrange during reservations, Freebies and souvenirs.
Whirlpool at the Oval Office room

There are also food packages inclusive of beer available but you can bring food and drinks if you can also pay their corkage fees of PhP2,000.00. Bringing beer is not allowed. As a treat for the holidays, try out their seasonal dishes.

In case of exceeding the capacity of the rooms, there’s a PhP350.00 charge for additional guest/s. If the guests wishes to extend, there’s also a rate in excess of 5 hours of PhP900.00 for 5K-8K rooms and PhP1,400.00 for 12K rooms.

These are just some of the rooms. There are more choices to consider. These rooms are ideal for parties and photo shoots. When I went to see the Oval Office, a magazine publication is starting to prepare a set for photo ops. Book these rooms for the holidays at your nearest Victoria Court branch. Contact Ms. Jhoan Garcia at 0917-5965840 or 671-5246 local 202. Visit to look up your nearest branch. See you at the Court.
Blogger on the bridge


  1. Gimme a discount card Mark! Hehe, /mewants The Enterprise Room.

  2. I like the Star Trek thematic suite myself. I grew up watching Star Trek in the late 60's, and I followed the STNG and Voyager series as well. And now I'm going to feature this theme room on my show - ANC FUTURE PERFECT, for our Valentine's episode. It was really an exciting experience to shoot in a replica of a Star Trek bridge. Too bad, I didn't get to borrow a Starfleet uniform, hehehe.

  3. Thanks for sharing that, KAKAN. I hope I could watch your feature when I'm home.