Thursday, December 22, 2011

Logitech Christmas Promo

Logitech recently launched its Christmas Special. Offering a whole new array of choices for your essential peripherals this Christmas holiday. It’s a perfect gift for yourself and your love ones this season.

From Dec. 1 to Dec. 31, Logitech is giving free S150 Digital USB Speaker headset for every purchase of Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 or Wireless Combo MK220, or free Logitech USB headset H390 for every purchase of Logitech Anywhere Mouse M905 or Wireless Solar Keyboard K750. It will also give away Logitech Stereo Z110 for every purchase of Logitech Couch Mouse M515 and Logitech Ultra Flat Keyboard Dark Shine for every purchase of Logitech Wireless Mouse M505. 
Founded 30 years ago, Logitech is a Swiss public company listed. Logitech is a world leader in personal peripherals, driving innovation in PC navigation, Internet communications, digital music, home-entertainment control, gaming and wireless devices.

This Christmas, the company will only be too happy to assist tech shoppers buy what they want.  Some of the Logitech peripherals up for grabs are:

Logitech® Wireless Mouse M325, designed for How You Use the Web

Logitech® Wireless Mouse M325, featuring a precision scroll wheel with up to four times as many ratchets as a standard scroll wheel for smoother scrolling. Based on the contoured shape of the best-selling Logitech® Wireless Mouse M305, the Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 helps make everything you love to do online even better.

Most standard mice have a scroll wheel with 18 to 24 ratchets. Each ratchet corresponds to about one line of scrolling. When you quickly scroll down a page, skipping from line to line, moving from one ratchet to another, the on-screen motion will appear choppy. 

You can reduce that choppiness by moving in smaller increments. Our precision scroll wheel contains 72 tiny, rugged ratchets. As a result, the ratchets are small enough so the wheel spins smoothly. And you’ll have the precise control you need for websites, spreadsheets, slideshows and other presentations.

A true wheel for the Web, the precision scroll wheel not only makes surfing smoother; when tilted to the right or left, it also moves you backward or forward from one webpage to another.
The Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 also includes Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking, so you can forget about your laptop touchpad. Instead, enjoy precise clicking and pointing while navigating all your favorite websites.

The Wireless Mouse M325 works with Windows® XP, Windows Vista® and Windows® 7, as well as Mac OS® X 10.5 or later and Linux® kernel 2.6.


Logitech Couch Mouse M515 Makes Browsing from the Couch Easy

Logitech® Couch Mouse M515, delivering easy navigation from soft surfaces like your couch, bed or a pillow.  The Logitech Couch Mouse M515 features a sealed bottom case that makes gliding on fabric easy and worry free, and a hand-detection sensor so the mouse is only active when you want it to be. 
With its hand-detection sensor, the Logitech Couch Mouse M515 is active only when you’re gripping it — the mouse is only active when you want it to be, and it stays asleep when you don’t.  A sealed bottom — so fabric fuzz won’t collect in the sensor opening — gives you cursor control no matter what surface you’re using your mouse on. And the easy-gliding base makes mousing around on couches (and blankets, cushions, clothing, carpets, even desks) easy.

Also featuring effortless Logitech® Hyper-Fast Scrolling, the M515 mouse lets you coast smoothly through long blogs or social networking feeds. And you can switch to click-to-click mode when you need more control. 


Logitech Anywhere Mouse M905 Feature Darkfield Laser Tracking

With Logitech® Darkfield Laser Tracking™, you can use your mouse virtually anywhere you want – including clear glass and high-gloss surfaces. This new technology is available the Logitech® Anywhere Mouse M905, giving you the option of a full-size mouse or a more compact, notebook mouse.
Logitech research showed that 40 percent of people have a glass surface in their home. This coupled with the increase in the popularity of laptop computers, means that people are moving around and coming into contact with a multitude of surfaces – like granite and lacquered wood – that challenge the tracking capabilities of standard mice.

To track on glass (that’s at least 4 mm thick), Logitech Darkfield uses dark field microscopy to detect microscopic particles and micro-scratches on these surfaces, rather than tracking the surface itself. Similar to the way in which our eye sees the clear night sky, the mouse’s sensor sees the clean areas of glass as a dark background with bright dots – the dust. Then, the sensor interprets the movement of these dots to track exactly where you’ve moved the mouse.


Logitech® Wireless Mouse M505, get more done, more comfortably, in more places

With the Logitech Wireless Mouse M505 you get the just-right combination of form and features to help you get more done, more comfortably, in more places. There’s more battery life so you can stay productive. The laser sensor lets you use it on more surfaces. There’s a more convenient wireless receiver that you can plug and forget – and pair with your other favorite peripherals. And there’s the ergonomically designed shape and soft rubber grip for more comfort.

Logitech® Wireless Mouse M505  gives 15 months of battery life virtually eliminates the hassle of changing batteries, as well as the hassle, expense, and waste that go with it.
The On/Off switch saves power. And a battery-indicator light eliminates surprises. It also has Laser tracking delivers smooth, responsive, precise cursor control on surfaces that cause problems for optical mice, such as polished or wood-grain tables. 

The Logitech® Unifying receiver stays in your notebook. There’s no need to unplug it when you move around, so your keyboard is always connected. Plus, you can easily add a compatible wireless keyboard or number pad, or even another mouse – without the hassle of multiple USB receivers.
Its ergonomically designed shape with soft rubber grip conforms to your hand to be naturally comfortable, yet is small enough to easily take with you.

 It has Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity gives you the reliability of a cord plus cordless convenience and freedom—fast data transmission, virtually no delays or dropouts, and 128-bit AES encryption.

To avail of the promotion, visit selected IT stores in Metro Manila from December 1-31, 2011, per DTI-NCR permit no. 8703 Series of 2011.

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