Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Victoria Court's Evolution

Bedroom of the Oval Office theme
Motels here in the Philippines have a negative image unlike in the U.S. One of the well-known motels operating here is Victoria Court. A friend back in college was writing a thesis about hotel and motel operations, what she didn’t expect to see that Victoria Court is not just a place for couple to have a short time, but also an ideal party venue for friends. She was led to one of the suites with a sports theme. It has a billiard table and lots of indoor sports games ideal for a group of guys.

I was able to join a tour for media in the Pasig branch of Victoria Court. I also found out that travel writer Mr. Lito Cinco now works at Victoria Court for its marketing and promotions. I first met Mr. Cinco when we are touring Camarines Norte during the first leg of its quadricentennial celebration of their churches.

Mr. Cinco said that “Victoria Court is still a motel. It only depends what is the purpose of the guests when they avail of the rooms. There was a time when an employee can’t tell his/her family that he/she is working for Victoria Court instead telling them that he/she is employed to King’s Court which is also true since Victoria Court is operated by King’s Court.” Mr. Cinco shares.

Just about the same time when my friend was working on her thesis, it was only during the nineties that Victoria Court accepting guests for group party venues. Mr. Cinco shares, “Before it was only guys who go to Victoria Court for a short time or for bachelor parties. Since the nineties, they had more women patrons for shower parties than bachelor parties because the women are curious about motels and it was the first time the women entering motels without going with any man.

Mr. Cinco told me many true stories that are really funny.  There was one time a guest asks if Victoria Court accepts children but answered, ‘No, we only accept cash.’ What the patron was really asking if they are allowing children entering. Most motels don’t accept accommodating children for the right reasons because it is not really a place for them. Victoria Court accepts families for accommodation.

Victoria Court is not only a venue for parties, but also for photo ops. During the tour, I came across a set for a pictorial for a magazine. There are many publications doing on-the-set photo ops done in one of Victoria Courts thematic suites. Two of my friends made a short video for an online contest hosted by Victoria Court. There are many unique suites that can satisfy any fantasy depending on the branch. I’ll continue my post about Victoria Court’s thematic rooms in my next post.

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