Sunday, December 11, 2011

Torque Generation

As the texting capital of the world, people realize how important mobile phones for everyone so we can get in touch with people. Torque releases the new phones that will be suitable for everyone. Not only that these phones are suitable but also stylish that will fit the lifestyle of the user.

The first basic features available in mostly all of Torque's mobile phones are the dual S.I.M. feature. This is will provide more mobility of the user to maximize the use of two networks. 

The next basic feature is the Qwerty keypad to make it more easier to write a  message to send. If you are not the qwerty type, there are touch screen phones that may suit you.Prices ranges from 1,099 to 3,988 for the qwerty phones and 1,999 to 3,988 for touch phones. Bar phones prices ranges from 899 to 1,988.

Beside the phones, there are also android phones and tablets using Android 2.2(Froyo)and 2.3(Ginger bread) Android units price ranges from 3, 699 to 12,699. These phone are available in the market this month. These are the ideal gifts for the holiday season.Visit any nearest Torque outlet now.

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