Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Website:Halal Certified Food And Products

The Muslims' basis for what they should eat is a religious obligation. To them, this is how they show their devotion and an act of faith. For their selection on food products, it should follow a proper protocol. For the Muslim community, it should be Halal certified which means the food product should pass the standards in accordance to the Islamic law.

If a product or company is given the Halal seal of approval, it means a Muslim can be assured to buy this merchandise as long as they have this seal. There are times the grocery stores or supermarkets are not aware of the seal and sometimes the merchandisers and promodisers are not familiar or they are not oriented the Halal certification.

Which is why one solution is a listing of all Halal certified food available online. It has the list of Halal food guide that is surely updated and is also done categorically like Bakery or Canned Goods for example.

The Halal products guide website is focused on Halal certified food products that are currently available on Philippine market. With this site, hopefully it will make more food companies more concerned to the needs of our Muslim  brethren and provide more options for them.

Greetings to the Muslim brethren on their blessed first day of Ramadan. Assalaamu 'alaykum.

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