Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jimm's 7 in 1 Coffee Mix Launch

Coffee is every Filipino's habit regardless of which walks of life you belong. However, you don't get the the proper nourishment in coffee especially instant coffee because we need to be on rush. Jimm's provided the solution. 

Their 7-in-1 Coffee is not only instant but also have herbal remedies. In addition of the usual 3-in-1 ingredients, they added Spirulina for energy, weight control, and cleansing; Reishi for physical healing and potency; Mushroom for immunity; and Ginseng which is known as an elixir of life. 

Ingredients of Jimm's  7-in-1 Coffee
Maxine Mamba-Jimm's endorser
 Jimm's is surely make our coffee habits refreshed. Jimm's is already out in the supermarkets, groceries, drugstores. Jimm's 7-in-1 Coffee is distributed by GoldShine Pharmaceuticals.

Goldshine's Corporate Marketing Director Sherman Fornondo(left) and Robinson Marayag,Sales Director(right)

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