Thursday, August 12, 2010

The 3M Experience:Innovation Tour

Consumer and Office Products
I am familiar with 3M because of Post Its pads and Scotch products but like everyone else, I did not know until now that 3M is already beyond that because there are other innovations and breakthroughs 3M  invented that not everyone are aware of. The 3M Experience-Innovation Tour was like an educational field trip. It's not because they are selling their products but it only shows how 3M also contributed to humankind to make things easier for the most. 3M already made breakthroughs not just in office supplies  and housekeeping but also in medicine, dental health, interior design, electronics, communications, car maintenance, traffic safety, and much more. 3M has been around since 1902 and was introduced in the Philippines way back 1964 and you can be sure how products 3M already invented since then. It was already like sci-fi  to know that 3M has been using nanotechnology in one of 3M's innovations. Pictures below are just a sneak peek about what I saw during the tour at 3M Customer Technical Center(CTC) in Makati. The 3M CTC also conducts trainings for clients here. To know more about 3M online, here's  their website and

Mock surgery at Health Care Methods Room

A simulator for the Dental Methods Room

Hands on experience at Abrasive Methods Room

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