Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thoughts on baranggay basketball

I'm not into basketball. I never got to play because I'm not athletic. But to this situation. We still give even a little though we show that we don't like it. We think its better for them to play basketball than to be involve in gangs though most of them still do in a nearby former slum area in Meding. It took a while for my neighborhood(San Isidro) to remove the fear among taxi drivers from entering because of the reported notorious gang leader that was caught. However, I was wondering if they are soliciting really for there uniforms. Though, they were given written permission from the baranggay, is it still right for them to solicit from every house? What if the baranggay officials from the baranggay area they represent should do the soliciting? Perhaps, they should solicit from an establishment for sponsorships or a politician. I really flared up when these uneducated players came to my place on the second level at around 11pm asking me through a window. It doesn't take someone who took etiquette to know that most of the lights are off and the only light available is from the TV. I was the only one awake.. Common courtesy. I didn't give them what they deserve but they were more afraid that I might tell the local officials about it. So, being able to give them sense was enough.

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