Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April Week One(1-5) Highlights

I attended a seminar /workshop on community organizing just to comply with school standards. I found out that most of the expected people who should attend are not around. This was a waste of time since I'm not sure if the groupings in our summer exposure are represented. If not, are the absentees are considered better than us since we are the only ones who attended? I considered the seminar useful when a minor problem arises.During the seminar, I can't accomodate the task for filing an exit clearance for the summer break because we were loaded. I was told that once I secure an exit clearance that I should bring my stuff along.I can't do that because I have lots of stuff and since I'm coming back the by June, it would be a hassle to remove and put them back so I decided to come back for it at the nearest date. I arrange with some of my dorm mates that we secure our stuff in one room and share the two months worth and it will be cheaper if we are more than three sharing the expenses. I just realized the usefulness of the seminar we attended has some good use. We actually did community organizing and found its worth in practical use.Hehe!

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