Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pasay City Youth Home Days 1 & 2

April 20, 2009
I was in charge of the group dynamics while Kuya Johnny was in charge with the small dialogue.I had them tasked with an activity that will help us identify the kids since this is our first major gathering. I had them make something out of paper without using any tools that will represent them in a creative way. I was glad this turned out alright. Though some kids were still up with some chores and my other team mates were in charge of the songs and some snacks. 11 out of the 16 kids participated today.

April 22, 2009
We started with some games and proceeded with a pep talk then a illustrative group dynamics and gave them something special to look forward this Friday: Film viewing. All 17 kids were present including the only girl.

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