Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pasay City Youth Home Days 3, 4, 5

Day 3: April 24, 2009
We let them viewed a full length film today. Of course, we agreed that it will be non-violent and wholesome as much as possible. We also agreed that it will also have a positive message and it will be in Tagalog. We found that film from an original production of Victory Christian Fellowship titled "Rebound." We saw this film as a means to reach out to these kids who can relate to the story since they are also interested in basketball as well. We gave them our reflection for them to understand since we also witness some of them will receive their wishes fulfilled. Three of the kids there will be granted release today. We are sad that we won't see them anymore but glad at the same time that they will have an opportunity for them awaits so we gave them counsel so that they will not go the same situation again. We told them if ever they go back at the Youth Home, just only to visit.

Day 4: April 27
We played some fun games and and also did some serious talks in a more meaningful manner. We made them write what are their significant things that can be a person, place, or anything that is important in their lives. Glad to see that the only girl among the male-dominated residents started to participate much more.

Day 5: April 29
We played some games with them after the one of my fellow gave inspirational topic to them. We did charades. The last game was the highlight of the day. We gave them a story without an ending that they will decide how will they end the story. There were 3 groups of 5 that participated today. We found out that these kids can also be creative and some has potential leadership qualities. I failed to mention in my previous report that we have a new boy resident in the youth home.

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