Thursday, March 26, 2009

Undisciplined Jeepney Drivers

Jeepneys are always part of Pinoy life. I don't know any pinoy from all walks of life who never been able to ride a jeepney. Even one of my professor wrote a hermeneuticsabout jeepneys. But I really can't tolerate was the jeepney drivers in Cavite. Though, I am studying in a non-traditional program and have classes only on Saturdays,I still carry the name of PUP in my ID. Students are entitled to have student discounts on weekdays but in Cavite, the drivers turned deaf ears upon hearing the word, "Bayad,estudyante po." Earlier before I made the post, I tookthe usual ride from the nearby mall. The mall is not far from the PCU gate that you can even walk if it not consumes time and it was already dark and raining. I always say, "Bayad.Isa. Sa PCU lang ang baba." The driver's deaf ears got worse. "Saan ang bente? Silang. Ilan ito? I answered, "Sa PCU lang. Isa. He kept repeating Silang as if he didn't hear. I was nearing my stop even though he didn't give the right change. So before I went down, I said, "Para. Kulang pa ang sukli?" Funny part is that "para", they can hear perfectly.

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