Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Shakey's Upgraded: Digital Makeover by Microsoft Philippines

For us Pinoys, pizza is always synonymous with Shakey’s as the pioneer pizza parlor in the Philippines. For years, it provided venues for hanging out, band music, children’s party or simply just pigging out. With the increase number of competitors through the years, Shakey’s is still in operation.

Mr. Cian O’Neill, COO and CMO of Microsoft Philippines
Mauch Franco, Shakey’s Philippines, CIO
Jorge Concepcion, Shakey’s Philippines, GM.  

But there is a new phase that needs to be done. Now that the world has gone digital, there are concerns and demands than needs to be attended. In order for Shakey’s to accommodate the demands of the millennial guests, Shakey’s need to adapt to the change.

This is where Microsoft Philippines cues in. In my previous posts about Microsoft, I keep mentioning about Data Privacy Act and the Cloud Management and now, here is one practical example. The data guests key in is assured that it is all secured especially when they input personal data for identification using Microsoft Azure.

There are no changes with the pizza or their services. The only thing that changed was their operating system in the Cloud to make it more accessible and easy. It is Microsoft's mission to help businesses adapt for the digital age. For more tech stories, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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