Thursday, February 16, 2017

Manila Improv Festival 2017

I first got introduced to Improv during a launch event years ago and it was Silly People’s Improv Theater or SPIT got me hooked after doing a special treat. Originated from the word, “improvise”; Improv is a performing art skill that involves theatrics, quick thinking and focus.
SPIT performing one of their trademark acts.
There is no script in improv but there is an outline depending on the act. Unlike traditional theater, it has limited props used and it can be done anywhere besides the stage. When I first encountered SPIT, it was just outdoors in BGC area.

What makes improve appealing is the interaction. It requires participation from the audience. For example, depending on the theme or subject; they will ask the audience to say something that comes to mind in the alphabetical manner. From there, SPIT Impovisers will able to gather all the words and create a song based on the words contributed.

During last year’s Improv Fest launch, I was able to try out Improv with SPIT by completing a sentence one word per person. It was fun and hilarious. This is probably the only way where people can be goofy for once.

What’s also interesting about Improv is that it’s for everyone. I usually see SPIT in events but they actually did it in a public place like a market place. They got a lot of participation here more than they had with high ranking corporates.
SPIT is also connected to a global community of Improvisers thanks to the internet, there is a frequent partnership with other Improv groups worldwide like Japan, Hong Kong, India etc. and they were here last year for the Improv fest and they are coming back again along with our local Improv groups.

Unlike theater, you don’t need to have a background in theater to do Improv. SPIT also held sessions and they also have leveling up just like schooling. Most of the participants are from all walks of life. One of the Improvisers I met also has a day job and I just found out that one columnist also took sessions in Improv.

The Manila Improv Festival 2017 will kick off on March 22 and March 24 at PETA Theater Center. It is only held every two years. Don’t wait till 2019 for the next one. Check out PETA for the tickets and package deals of the festival. For more updates on PETA activities. follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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