Friday, February 10, 2017

Make Valentine’s more personal with Shopee

Press release

MANILA, Philippines – With Valentine's just around the corner, both men and women are rushing to come up with gift ideas for their significant others. Chocolates and flowers have been clichés, and dinner dates have become a challenge with the growing traffic in the Metro. 

Giving Filipinos an easier time to decide on the perfect gift to give to their loved ones, Shopee, the leading mobile marketplace in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, has come up with guides on how guys—and girls—can personalize their Valentine’s celebration. 

With a list of the hottest items including clothes, accessories, watches, and gadgets, Shopee cuts down the long process of shopping that daunts most men. Shoppers will no longer have to spend hours in busy malls as Shopee provides the luxury of shopping anytime and anywhere they want. The platform has a wide variety of choices that is sure to match their partner’s personality, making gifts even more heartfelt.

Shine for Your Valentine 

Men may come and go, but as they say “diamonds are forever.” For timeless gifts, go for something with a Hollywood romantic style and surprise your partner with some bling. Shopee offers a curated list of beautiful chains, watches, necklaces, and rings, up to 85% off until February 14

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Why go through the trouble of trying to book a table for two and risk the chance of getting stuck in traffic when a private dinner at home can be as romantic and thoughtful? Set up a Valentine surprise with special silverware, scented candles, blankets, and other decor, all available on Shopee. With Shopee and your careful planning, you may just end up having the best date yet right at home. 

Two Of A Kind

Nothing screams 'the perfect pair' more than matching clothes and accessories. For couples who like to publicly display their love towards each other, Shopee has the perfect items. From two of a kind promise rings, couple shirts, and other accessories, customers would be able to get two for the price of one with Shopee's couple collection at up to 50% off until February 14.

This Valentine’s day, men can now easily and conveniently plan their Valentine's date with their loved ones by just using their phone. Show love at any day of the year hassle-free with special collections on Shopee. Find the perfect gift and make each moment more personal. 

Shopee is available for download for free on Google Play and the App Store. Visit for more information.

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