Saturday, October 15, 2016

Solar Entertainment Channels' Logos Gets a Different Look

Solar Entertainment's President and CEO Mr. Wilson Tieng
Before the cable TV and internet viewing, I am already an avid viewer of Solar Entertainment when RPN 9 was still in the airwaves. I had good memories of watching my favorite sci-fi series Star Trek. When RPN 9 about to premiere the last(so far) Star Trek series, Enterprise; the group I’m affiliated with, U.S.S. Kalayaan was tapped to join the premiere in our Starfleet uniforms and display our collectibles of Star Trek model ships and action figures.

What makes Solar Entertainment consistent was they never loop one season of the series and continues to bring the latest season and the newest and trending series in U.S. today. Even when it was renamed ETC, I still view their shows though there is presence of cable TV stations.

Now, I am viewing my favorite series The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Lucifer and The Big Bang Theory on JACK TV. The latter is the longest running series I’ve been watching so far and will continue as the other series I’ve mentioned just started airing their latest season premieres. If you can see me now, you will see one happy couch potato.

During the launch of Solar Entertainment, not only I was happy that Solar Entertainment invited me to attend, I was privilege to witness the new logos and Sunday the October 16th at 2000hrs(8PM Philippines), all Solar Entertainment stations, will unveil their new logos on each station: ETC, 2nd Avenue, Basketball TV, and Solar Sports. Mark it on your cellphone calendars and witness it first.

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