Friday, October 14, 2016

Heartwarming Stories by TCL

TCL is already an established TV brand that distributes quality TV sets that sets the standards in this digital era. In its 35th year of service, they are producing a series of webisodes or online episodes with stories of hope.
Simone Rota (right)

One of the featured personalities of the webisodes is Philippine Azkals’ Simone Rota. His life story started when he was orphaned and an orphanage took him in. When he started out in Azkals, he never forget his roots in the orphanage which he started supporting and spend time with kids and teaching them how to play football.

You may say this is how Simone “plays it forward.” There are more inspiring stories in the TCL Facebook page. The good thing about this webisodes in Facebook everyone can watch this stories because most the social network has most active netizens. If you like the story, you can comment and share it to others who need to watch it.

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