Saturday, February 20, 2016

Women Can Play Football Too in P.I.A.: Pinay In Action

Who says football is only a man's sport? One time, I got to interview a young girl who is part of the team dominated by boys. Seeing her in action shows that she can play along pretty good with fellow male team mates.

In P.I.A.(Pinay In Action), it also shows that there are already a lot of girls playing football especially in schools who have football fields that also offers the sport as an option for Physical Education classes.

This only means that football is no longer an exclusive sports like basketball and baseball. Here are the results of the all-women 3-on-3 football festival organized by Sen. Pia Cayetano. 24 teams participated during the two-day event at Bonifacio High Street last February 13 to 14.

Girls 13 & Under

Champion – Payatas FC
1st Runner  Up – Taguig A
2nd Runner Up – Taguig B
3rd Runner Up – Futbol Fanatics
Century Tuna Top Goal Scorer – Altea Rebosura of Payatas FC
Most Promising Player – Julianna Macarubbo

Girls 16 & Under
Champion – Payatas FC
1st Runner Up – Futbol Fanatics
2nd Runner Up – Taguig B
3rd Runner Up – CCFA Letran B
Century Tuna Top Goal Scorer – Aubrey Malenab of Futbol Fanatics
Most Promising Player – Alexandra Lupas of Taguig B

Women’s Open
Champion – Rizal Technological University – A
1st Runner Up – Bomber FC
2nd Runner Up – Payatas FC
3rd Runner up – Rizal Technological University – B
Century Tuna Top Goal Scorer – Myta Bajar of Rizal Technological University – A
Most Promising Player  - Regine Rebosura of Payatas FC
Burt’s Bees Natural Beauty Award (Sportsmanship Award) – Love Joy Raguro of Rizal Technological University - 

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