Saturday, February 6, 2016

Discovery Channel February Lineup

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Josh James is a hardcore hunter from the backwoods of New Zealand and Matt Tebbutt is a British chef who lives for fine food and loves foraging for wild ingredients.

Photo courtesy of Discovery

They couldn’t be more different, but these two unlikely buddies have set themselves an ambitious goal – to travel to some of the toughest environments on earth and prove in just seven days that they can make incredible food from the most unlikely of ingredients.

They’ll be travelling to some of the most remote regions of earth, from the river valleys and cloud forests of Mexico, to the ancient forests and arctic wastes of Europe. And to make their quest even more of a challenge, they’ll be trying to hunt and forage for everything they need to survive with the barest minimum of equipment.

But will the struggle to tame the wild push them and their skills to the limit? Follow them on Kings Of The Wild airing February 9, Tuesdays, at 8 PM.

Follow adventurers Eric Larsen and Ryan Waters as they attempt an epic ski expedition to the North Pole. Over the course of their journey, they contend with dangerous storms, hungry polar bears, fuel and food shortages, injury, and rapidly thinning ice.

They do this all unaided and unsupported, meaning they must pull everything needed to survive in two 300-pound sleds with only their own manpower. Less than 250 people have ever traversed the Arctic from land to the geographic North Pole and of that small fraternity, only 50 have done it unsupported and unaided.
With global warming pushing the summer thaw earlier into the spring, the trip must end by May 5th. Wherever they find themselves on then is where they end their journey, North Pole or not. This sense of urgency parallels another reason for doing this trip right now. Catch the new one off Melting: Last Race To The Pole as it premieres February 28Sunday at 8 PM.

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