Wednesday, July 23, 2014


– Fan-chosen specials to air between Aug 4 to 15 –

2014 marks Discovery Channel’s 20th year of being in Asia and there’s no better way to celebrate this colossal occasion with VIEWER’S CHOICE TOP 20, a two-week special that lets fans – the very people who are the reason why the brand has made its home in 224 countries worldwide – decide which iconic favourites and most loved specials they would like to see on air! From June 6 through to July 31 on the Discovery Channel Southeast Asia website (, fans can vote for their favourite top 20 programmes they’d like to catch. Fans’ final top 20 will air daily on VIEWER’S CHOICE TOP 20 from Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., beginning August 4 to 15. Relive #20YearsOfDiscovery and the most mind-bending Discovery Channel moments to date, through the power-packed selection of absolute fan favourites on VIEWER’S CHOICE TOP 20.
Manhunt with Joel Lambert. Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel
With VIEWER’S CHOICE TOP 20, fans can cast their top 20 votes on a host of top-rated programmes that span across a variety of categories such as culture, history, science, engineering, natural history, extreme jobs, survival, amongst others. Some of the nominees include: Emmy®-nominated MYTHBUSTERS (science), landmark series CURIOSITY (science), the dangerous world of Alaskan king crab fishing on DEADLIEST CATCH (extreme jobs), epic-sized COLOSSAL SQUID (natural history), prehistoric frozen BABY MAMMOTH (natural history), harrowing freshwater fish tales on RIVER MONSTERS (natural history), extreme survival adventures on MAN VS. WILD (survival), amongst many others.

Awe-inspiring natural history, scientific breakthroughs, extraordinary world-changing events, revolutionary ideas and innovations, real individuals with genuine stories and adventures; VIEWER’S CHOICE TOP 20 is Discovery’s way of thanking the insatiably curious people who have spurred the channel’s continuous quest to question and comprehend all that makes this great, grand world, turning wow to how for 20 years running. Visit for the full list of the nominees and details on how to vote for Discovery Channel’s VIEWER’S CHOICE TOP 20. Stay tuned to the website and for updates on the final top 20.

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