Monday, January 13, 2014

*Mulat Pinoy-KNN to cover 7th APCRSHR*

The 7th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and
Rights (APCRSHR) will be taking place in the Philippines on January 21-24,
2014 at the Philippine International Convention Center. Mulat
Pinoy-Kabataan News Network will be present at the conference as part of
its social media coverage committee, producing material from the event's
activities for posting in online venues.

The APCRSHR is an international conference that discusses critical issues
affecting sexual and reproductive health concerns, particularly in national
contexts across the Asia-Pacific region. The conference theme of “Examining
achievements, good practices and challenges: towards a strategic
positioning of SRHR for all” is in line with Mulat Pinoy-KNN's continuing
vision to help expand public awareness regarding issues relevant to young

By having its reporters and video teams present during the conference, the
conference's social media coverage committee intends to supplement the
broader coverage of established media outlets. Photos, articles and video
interviews are intended to be among the coverage materials produced and
shared online. “Social media is everywhere now,” explains Mulat Pinoy-KNN's
editorial coordinator, Dante Gagelonia. “We should always recognize the
value of delivering credible information to as many venues as possible,
especially online. Since not everyone can physically attend the conference,
we want to be able to help disseminate its key points and messages through
social networks, in the hopes of reaching more people.”

Mulat Pinoy-Kabataan News Network is a population and development awareness
project of the Probe Media Foundation, Incorporated (PMFI). The Mulat Pinoy
project was created in 2009 to help deliver research-based information to
the public through online engagement and corresponding offline events, and
it has since evolved to focus on issues relevant to the youth, eventually
combining with Kabataan News Network (KNN), a related project of PMFI. The
Probe Media Foundation, in turn, is a non-profit organization dedicated to
improving the quality of media in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific
region through training of professional and aspiring media practitioners.

Twitter: @7thAPCRSHR
Hashtag: #7APCRSHR

For more information, please contact:

Regina Layug Rosero, Project Coordinator

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