Friday, September 13, 2013

The Vikings Invades Asia

The Vikings are coming. This September, History Asia will premiere their newest mini-series, Vikings. I got to watched two episodes and I immediately got hooked. After the success of their mini-series like Titanic and my personal favorite, The Innovators, History is one of the cable channels I watched because they brought the mini-series production back in television.
Photo courtesy of History
About the Vikings, it is carefully, researched and it will educate audiences about their culture. It also a fact that before Columbus discovered the New World, the Vikings beat him to it. The mini-series also stars Gabriel Byrne.
Watch Vikings exclusively on History Asia starting September 29 at 10PM(Manila time). For more updates about History Channels upcoming shows, follow Mark_Templar on Twitter. Hashtag: #VikingsAsia

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