Saturday, September 14, 2013

Maria Mercedes Blogger Conference

The Mexican soap operas are part of the television viewing of the Filipino. I never knew any Pinoy who doesn't know Mexican soap actress Thalia and she is a household name. When ABS-CBN is doing their adaptation of Maria Mercedez, Jessy Mendiola actually had a chance to talk to the Mexican superstar.

It was like passing the torch. Thalia was happy for Jessy to do the role.  Besides that, Jessy prepared for the role so it won't disappoint the fans. She did dancing sequences and also sang the title song. Jessy was chosen for the role because she thinks she is just as headstrong and independent as the character. She also gives some Pinoy spunk new look for the character.

Maria Mercedez also stars Jake Cuenca, Jason Abalos and Nikki Gil. Maria Mercedes airs primetime on ABS-CBN. For more blog coverages on upcoming shows, follow Mark_Templar on Twitter.

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